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Luminous LPTT12150H Tall Tubular Solar Battery 150Ah Warranty 60 Months

Luminous LPTT12150H Tall Tubular Solar Battery 150Ah Warranty 60 Months

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Luminous LPTT12150H -150Ah - Tall Tubular Solar Battery Description

Luminous LPTT12150H - 150AH - Tall Tubular Solar Battery are C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer back up. 

Very Low Maintenance , Topping up frequency : Once in 8 to 10 months, Long Design Life - Long cycles (1500@80% DOD, 5000 @20% DOD) , High Temperature Performance - Can handle extreme weather conditions. Tubular plate Technology - Next generation tall tubular battery with better charge acceptance and long Back up , Longer life without discharge with self-discharge rate of 3% per month STC , Efficient battery with Higher AH efficiency > 90%, and WH efficiency > 80% , Low maintenance with a topping frequency of 8-10 months, low maintenance with level indicators and its manufactured with high corrosion resistant and robust spine technology using the advanced and state-of-the-art HADI high pressure (at 100 bar) spine casting machines, which ensure a super fine grain structure, for strength, long life and highest reliability and designed with thicker positive plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand power outage.


  • Spines manufactured using HADI high pressure casting machine for long life 
  • Tubular plate construction for extremely long life and superior performance 
  • Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for extremely long life 
  • Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant spine alloy composition ensures longer battery service life 
  • Highly puncture-resistant polyethylene separator for higher reliability 
  • Plates designed for improved charge acceptance 

Specifications of Luminous LPTT12150H -150Ah - Tall Tubular Solar Battery

Acid Level Indicator
Battery Warranty
72 Months (60 Months full replacement + 12 Months pro rata)
Nominal Filled Weight
60 Kg
Nominal Battery Voltage
12 Volt
H*L*W (44*50*19 in cms
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