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An engine depends on the battery to run whether it is used in a car or any other appliance or machine. Being a power source, the battery is responsible for the work and work progress in any engine. To fulfill a huge demand for car batteries, Bowzar has come up with a wide variety of batteries from different popular brands in the market.

Our battery solutions are available at the lowest prices. We have highly recognized as the best Car battery dealer as we have one-stop and ideal solutions for our valuable customers. Before going to purchase a car battery near me, you should know everything about it. Moreover, you can take help from our professionals to get the best advice on the perfect battery solution for your vehicle.

At our Best Car Battery Store, we stock many different types of batteries directly imported from top brands. Different brands offer unique features and functions in their products. We give you chance to get a smooth and satisfactory driving experience with our provided car batteries that will always be in good condition and survive harsh weather conditions.

You require to check your battery's condition after 2-3 years for good performance with the help of a car battery dealer, Bowzar which can be found in Bahadurgarh. We have a team of expert mechanics who diagnose the status of your battery to know the current functioning condition. In case, they come across issues with your battery that disturb your travel journey while driving, they will replace and deliver you a fully functional car battery in your place.

We are the nearest car Battery dealer that offers durable and performance-oriented power backup products at the best market prices


Buy Different Types of Car Batteries

We have displayed all types of car batteries on our online car battery shop. You can scroll our website and select any brand of car battery as per your choice. The list is given below-


Deep Cycle Car Batteries

These batteries provide power to the entire system within a longer time than the SLI batteries and ideal solution for marine automobiles and golf carriages as they deliver endurable power to the complete system within a longer period. Furthermore, our offered these batteries can control and supply energy to the entire system of your vehicle.


Maintenance Car Batteries

These batteries are perfect when it comes to keeping racing with the exceeding numbers of cars on the road as they can accumulate the greatest amount of power to keep running the entire system properly. As they have the lowest life span, you would need to change them after a certain time.


Valve Restrained Lead-Acid Car Batteries

As no maintenance is required so you won't require to put water into these types of battery cells often. However, you have to change them after a certain time as they can’t function in most cases. Being sealed, they don't spill if they get inverted which is a great benefit for you.


Starting, Lighting & Ignition Car Batteries

These types of batteries help the engine to easily start as well as control other functions of your vehicle including lighting functions, ignition functions, radio, and many more. They can be charged within the minimum time. Moreover, they can supply power to the system within a short period.


Wet Cell/Flooded Car Batteries

As the name suggests it is about the batteries that have a liquid which is a hybrid of sulphuric acid, lead, and water. These three elements diverge into a specific ratio to make our offered flooded car batteries electrolyte. They require routine maintenance and provide a shorter battery life span to its user. Our these batteries are less expensive than other car batteries that are available at the most affordable price.

So, the first task for you is to select an ideal model and brand of Battery for your car that suited your vehicle perfectly using our website, Bowzar. Have a review of all the features of that specific car battery that you will buy.

Every brand of our car battery near me available on our website such as Amaron, Exide, Luminous, Dynex, Livguard, Livfast, Microteck, Okaya, and SF Batteries has some diverse & exceptional features, choose one as per you & your vehicle's requirement.

Now, order the best quality car battery through our website with different online payment options. We will deliver the ordered product within 60 minutes to your doorstep in Guwahati. Call us now! 8277995401

Car Battery: Shop for 100 % genuine car batteries for every make and model online and get the best prices with free delivery and installation. We are the

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Just select your car make, model, and location, and we will show you a list of batteries compatible with your car. No matter which car you own, we offer car batteries for all the leading car manufacturers.

Order batteries from bowzar and you will get significant savings, and complete peace of mind come free. Give us a chance to serve you, and we will give you pure customer delight.


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